The Vital Role of School Districts
in Choosing Your Dream Home

Are you on the hunt for your perfect home? Amidst the excitement of finding the right size, style, and amenities, there’s a hidden gem that can shape your family’s future in a big way: the school district. Ashlar Homes knows the significance of education and proudly presents communities in two exceptional school districts: Lee’s Summit R7 and Platte County. Let’s dive into why considering the school district is a game-changer in your home buying journey.

Education: The Key to a Bright Future

Education forms the bedrock of personal and societal growth. The schools near your home can profoundly influence your children’s development and opportunities. A strong school district offers not only top-tier academics but also a nurturing environment for students to thrive. When you choose a home in such a district, you’re investing in your children’s education and setting them up for success.

Benefits Beyond Academics

For those looking for long-term investments, there are few better options than buying a home in an area with high ratings for its school districts. But beyond the financial benefits, living in a top-rated district can bring many social and emotional advantages to families searching for their dream home. When you invest in a home in a highly-rated school district, you are also investing in the community around it. From shared values and connections to friends for your children, there is an intangible sense of security that comes from living within a supportive community. 

Lee’s Summit R7 School District: Where Excellence Thrives

  • Ashlar Communities: Woodlawn Estates, Woodland at Chapman Farms
  • Academic excellence and innovation
  • Diverse extracurricular activities
  • Lower operating tax rate for financial ease
  • 86% of teachers hold advanced degrees*
  • 17,844 students with a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1*
  • 46% proficient in math and 55% in reading*
  • 10-minute drive from Woodlawn Estates

Platte County School District: Cultivating Well-Rounded Individuals

  • Ashlar Community: Green Hills Estates
  • Emphasis on academics, character, and community
  • Ranked 46th out of 455 districts in Missouri
  • 15:1 teacher-to-student ratio for personalized education
  • Impressive average ACT score of 25

In summary, choosing your home’s location involves multiple factors and the school district should not be underestimated. Ashlar Homes offers communities in the Lee’s Summit R7 and Platte County School Districts, such as Woodlawn Estates, Woodland at Chapman Farms, and Green Hills Estates. These homes give you the best of both worlds: comfort and style in districts that value education and community. Invest in your family’s future with a home that secures a strong foundation for generations to come.

Community. Quality. Customer Experience.

You should have a well-built home at any price point, in a neighborhood that will foster community and memories. And we strive to be open and communicative with you throughout this process because that’s what you deserve.

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